James Morvay Designer + Coffee Drinker

James Morvay Designer and Coffee Drinker

My craft out in the wild

Below is a mixture of creative stuff I have worked on ranging from logos to websites, apps to apparel, car wraps to exterior building designs, you name it, I’ve probably taken a stab at it. Whether an idea has me jumping up out of bed in the midsts of the night, sparked by the slightest detail, I find inspiration around every corner. Creativity is something that comes naturally, these wheels are always turning. If you’re interested in hiring me, let’s break some rules together

Note: Unfortunately, some live web-based projects no longer reflect the original design in their intended state.

Ok, time to break the ice

Designer by day, adventurer by night, Chicago is home.  From office parties to awesome clientele, Orbit Media is my 2nd home, check out what I’ve been up to lately. I also like long walks on the beach, actually I’d rather be playing volleyball or tossing some frisbee. I love humor, the whole art of laughter really, I try to pass it on whenever the opportunity arises. Traditionally I am a dog person, somehow I recently ended up with a cat (he’s pretty awesome, the name’s Magik). Okay, maybe two cats, the new kitten’s name is Tinx (shhh, I promise I am not a crazy cat person).

I was once told to sell myself, no matter what I do. I may have taken that too literally (hence the tone of this site), but none the least carried it with me since.  Even prior to my design career I played guitar for the national touring band Bearing Point, check the band out on Spotify. But since hanging up the guitar, I have taken upon a new hobby to capture and share some of the fun(ny) moments that occur throughout the day with my insta-photography (@jimbo312).

Some things I gravitate towards

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